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Pokemon Catch em all -colors- by DarkKenjie Pokemon Catch em all -colors- :icondarkkenjie:DarkKenjie 9,118 554 Silly Umbreon by wingedfox111 Silly Umbreon :iconwingedfox111:wingedfox111 22 18
For my soulmate
For my soulmate:
For my soulmate I write
For my soulmate I play
For my soulmate I sing
I write because I care,
I write because I love,
I write because I feel,
I play because I like,
I play because I hear,
I play because I touch,
I sing because I cry,
I sing because It hurts,
I sing because it heals,
When I write down my feelings,
I like to confess that my heart,
Is the sole property of the one I sing,
When I play on this piano,
And when I touch the keys,
I hear my composed love song,
When I sing it's to get all the hurting,
It's to get all the crying,
Out to make room for the healing.
:icontursiops33:tursiops33 20 42
The life of a cutter is much more than it seems
it is merely not just one small cut that redeems.
The emotions they have are all bundled inside
the scars that they make they try so hard to hide.
And they act always happy when they aren't alone
and when you call them,they'll never answer the phone.
They're too busy cutting away at their lives
they stock up on razors by twos or by fives.
The tip of the blade is so very sharp
the blood of the cutter flows on a tarp.
The emotions of a cutter are expressed by the scars
the life span of a cutter may not be so far.
:iconemotoaster:emotoaster 131 63
How about...? by PriscillaMachado How about...? :iconpriscillamachado:PriscillaMachado 124 107
First kiss
First kiss
An intense look,
An extreme feeling,
Heart tightens,
Nothing matters anymore,
Happiness without cloud,
The beats are being heard,
The lips are touching,
The beings merge,
It is paradise,
In my memory is written,
This so magnificent time,
This ideal so perfect.
:icontursiops33:tursiops33 28 34
A simple kiss
We touch, we hold
We cuddle, we whisper
We do all the things
New lovers do
Still, I want more
Your hand in mine
The lights are off
The movie plays
And your arm is around my waist
Still, we laugh, we joke
We tease and we tickle
But still, I want more
In the night,
You in your bed
I in mine
I wonder if my thoughts mirror yours
I wonder if my thoughts always mirror yours
My fear, my hope
My desire, my goal
I want to be a lover
Your hand becomes mine
And for a moment they are achieved
Still, I want more
Your name on the screen
I reply swiftly thinking
If only I could find a way
To get to see you once today
Even so, I see or I think of you
And want what I don't have from you
A kiss
Your lips to mine
Maybe a moment that is still
But at the same time
Stirring with a hot emotion
Then and only then
Would I be content with
The touching and holding
The cuddling and whispers
The laughing and joking
The teasing and tickles
And to that list I shall acclaim
The kissing
And couldn't want more
Till som
:iconpoochie-chan:Poochie-chan 16 9
My First Kiss
And I to one feeling such as this
This moment that has been captured...
...within my being
One touch, one kiss
One hello
...and one thousand endless goodbyes
But you still feel gone with endless tears
to consume my every fear of loss
I succumb to a feeling...
...that I could never fathom
I took one look in your eyes
And fell 100 years
falling into your arms
and back into the abyss...
...of your soft hazel eyes
I fell into a feeling such as this
when you leaned towards me....
softly giving me my first kiss.
:iconrabidinsomniac:RabidInsomniac 22 11
The Kiss
The Kiss:
Together alone:
Just he and I.
His hand on my cheek,
His breath on my face.
Slowly, silently,
His face nears.
My eyes widen with shock,
Our lips meet:
A torrent of colors,
I'm floating, I'm sinking
I'm flying, I'm grounded.
My eyes close,
My hands on his.
Eternity passes,
My heart beats faster.
He pulls away:
I miss the warmth already.
His eyes search mine,
A smile on those…
…delicious lips.
His hands on my waist,
He draws me closer.
I lean into his embrace,
He smells so nice.
He whispers in my ear:
'I love you.'
I smile.
'I love you, too.'
:iconkasai-yokai:Kasai-Yokai 176 91
A Kiss
A Kiss
You smile at me, as you push
My hair out of my face
I smiled back at you, nervous,
Shaking just a bit
No words are spoken
The air is full of raw energy
You leaned towards me
Put your arm around my back
I feel your hand guide me towards you
I tilt my head slightly
Anticipation of whats to come
I close my eyes and feel your lips
Press up mine, tingling sensations
Surge through my body
I part my lips willing, taking in your tongue
As mine explores you're mouth
Thousands of tiny shock waves
Rush over me making me grab onto
you a little tighter, holding on not wanting to let go
At long last we break away from each other
Our Eyes are sparkling as we both breathlessly whisper "wow"
And lean in for another passionate kiss.
(c) ~*CINNamongurl22*~
:iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 368 124
We breathe heavily as we face each other
Hearts at a race as the truth uncovers
Down my neck
Rolls a drop of sweat
As I realize just where we're at
Anxious yet nervous  
Scared is not the word but,
What would happen if someone heard us
The thought quickly leaves
As you come even closer to me
My heart skips and I forget to breathe
A quarter inch from you
I can't run, why would I want to?
You know I want you, and I see what you want too
My arms slowly wrap around your waist
Your sweetness I prepare to taste
We tilt heads and our lips barely touch
Slowly part, then back again,
This time quenching tongue's thirst for lust
:iconsilent-tearz:silent-tearz 483 122
a kiss
It was just a kiss
an innocent slip
a passionate touch
It was just a kiss
a cushion of lust
a glossed grace
it was just a kiss
don't look too deeply
for depth and meaning
It was just a kiss
let it be...
An act that could change
a single life
An act that could spiral
out of control
a gateway drug
to love
It was just a kiss
:iconsteffiexcore:steffiexcore 1,360 185
I Love You
"I love you."
Words not often said,
Words not often meant,
Words not often true,
Words not often kept.
"I love you"
Words taken for granted,
Words often forgotten…
So perhaps instead one should say
"You matter to me…
More than I can say"
For it is not the abundance of words
that says the most
But the lack of words…
It is the utter silence of a smile,
It is the calm quiet of a hug,
It is the hush of a kiss
That says more than
"I love you."
:iconnicole-aoi-135:Nicole-Aoi-135 5 17
writer's block. by patronus4000 writer's block. :iconpatronus4000:patronus4000 4,951 739
"Memories come rushing back as I sit in the dark reflecting on the times, visions of you are all that seem to be there, but are they from reality or a fantasy that has been held back in the deep recesses of my mind.... The thought of you unlocks these psychological trips, to hear the sound of your name brings a flood of emotions along the lines of sorrow and pain.... for all this time I've been living a lie, sealing off a secret too scared to bring to light.... but our time is over, things change as fast as a second on the clock or slow like from day to night...... You have moved on now, your with your mister right now, and it seems you have a good bond, I can't win that fight, it hurts inside to see you with this guy, but your so in love I couldn't bear to be responsible for that relationship's demise..... I couldn't stand to see the glaze of those sad eyes, to make you cry would be like killing something innocent and I'll sit here and think of things that could have been
:iconalnin:Alnin 2 0
Lost the Chance to be Glad
The heart you once had,
You tore in two,
Yet I still sweat and shake
When I'm around you.
You've given up,
Just as I have
And now I know that
I've lost the chance to be glad.
You've been in my sight,
Though I had no chance -
What I would have given
For another chance at romance.
But now I know it's true,
Left with a heart, broken and sad;
You're all that I wanted, but
I've lost the chance to be glad.
:iconhiddenangel:hiddenangel 5 28




Kent Royse
Artist | Design & Interfaces
United States
I bes awesome.
I'm pretty new to illustrator but I'm experienced with Photoshop

Current Residence: Land O Lakes, FL
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: vector or grunge
Operating System: 7
MP3 player of choice: my ginormous ipod
Wallpaper of choice: My 'Live. Love. GFX ART' Wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Gir

Not My Month

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 17, 2010, 9:25 PM
I haven't had a girlfriend since the first half of freshman year. I finally found someone I want to be with and it seems like I might get my chance. She broke up with her boyfriend and was looking for a new one. The day I go to make my move I am told of how she was with some other guy at a different school.. Once again I felt cheated. Few weeks pass. My eyes come to this girl I've known for a while now. I really like her. Like really really like her. Me and some friends including her were hanging out last night. I felt I had a chance. That I could really be in a relationship with her. All I got was a flattened heart. One of my friends starts reading texts from her phone about her and some boy. To make things worse she later kisses me on the cheek. Might as well slapped me. It felt the same as such.

On top of all this my familiar passed away a couple days ago. We've been together since i was in elementary school. When I brought her home from the shelter she was so skittish. She immediately ran behind the couch. I spent every day for the longest time trying to get her to come out. I would lay down on the floor, put a treat in my hand and offer it to her. Eventually she would eat it and some time later she would actually come out to let me pet her. She started following me everywhere. Stuck by my side where ever I went. Laid right next to my head at night. Sat in the chair next to me during meals. Never left me. She always knew how I was feeling and she always tried to help when she could. She wasn't a pet to me. She was my best friend. I miss Clair so much.

  • Listening to: We Looked Like Giants by Death Cab for Cutie
  • Reading: Old texts
  • Playing: Tibia
  • Eating: haven't eaten in quite awhile
  • Drinking: water as per usual


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